The Django Movie Database Project


The aim of the project is to recommend movies based on movie ratings of a user.

All visitors are able to look at the movie list, their average and total ratings. After a user logins, the user is able to start rating movies. Then, the recommended movies are available for the user.

You can visit the website:


The project is powered by Django and, of course, Python. The project is dockerized and deployed on AWS EC2 (Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud) There are two applications in the project: movies and users. Users application is created to customize user schema with date of birth, gender and country. Movies application is created for movies schema.

PostgreSQL is used for database. The database is deployed on AWS RDS (Amazon Relational Database Service).

Class Based View is mainly preferred over Function Based View in the project.

To get movie details, a third party API is used: OMDb API


In the frontend JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, CSS and HTML is used.


The code can be found on Github